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+99% of the people who visit this site will never need any help at all. Its simple. Read some headlines, find an article that interests you, click the link and visit the website to read the complete article -- at the original source.

The less than 1% who look for help are usually advanced users; bloggers, online journalists, digital photographers and computer programmer types. This help area is for you.

The number one question I get is; "Can you include my website on FRAMINGHAM.NET ?"

This is a tricky question -- and skips ahead of the more important one; "Would other people want to browse my headline news, photos, reports, listings or other electronically published info on FRAMINGHAM.NET?"

That question is easy to answer. If you live in Framingham, or your company is located in Framingham, or there is some tie to Framingham, chances are other Framingham people will want to browse your content.

If your website is built using blog software or a content management system, chances are you can just provide us with a URL, (Uniform Resoruce Locator), and we can hook-up your feed in minutes. And example of a feed url could be:

If you are not familiar with news feeds, we will be happy to help you locate the RSS, (RSS, XML, Atom or other), news feed info for your blog or CMS. Note: Most static websites are not usually designed for RSS feeds, in which case we may suggest you integrate a blog into your site so you can start publishing fresh, dynamic content.

Nothing helps a website get more traffic than fresh content, (and the inbound links you'll earn from it). A news feed can help extend the reach of your content and help you get your message to the greatest number of people. ...and it's FREE!

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